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  1. July 22, 2016, Putting Spearman’s Hypothesis to Work: Job IQ as a Predictor of Employee Racial Composition

  2. July 11, 2016, ICAR5: design and validation of a 5-item public domain cognitive ability test

  3. Sept. 12, 2016, Does sub-European genomic ancestry predict outcomes for US states?

  4. May 23, 2016, Inequality across US counties: an S factor analysis

  5. Oct. 4, 2015, Crime among Dutch immigrant groups is predictable from country-level variables

  6. April 15, 2014, Intelligence in Jordan: Norms for the Standard Progressive Matrices

  7. April 17, 2014, Semantic discussions of intelligence and the (un)importance of the study of race and g: A comment on Hunt and Jaeggi (2013)

  8. May 13, 2014, Reassessment of Jewish Cognitive Ability: Within Group Analyses Based on Parental Fluency in Hebrew or Yiddish

  9. July 13, 2014, Nyborg’s ‘The Intelligence-Religiosity Nexus’ and the Benefits of Consilience

  10. Aug. 20, 2014, The Canadian IQ calculated from the standardization of the WAIS IV

  11. Sept. 8, 2014, The international general socioeconomic factor: Factor analyzing international rankings

  12. Oct. 9, 2014, Crime, income, educational attainment and employment among immigrant groups in Norway and Finland

  13. Oct. 30, 2014, The personal Jensen coefficient does not predict grades beyond its association with g

  14. Nov. 18, 2014, Fluid g in Scandinavia and Finland: Comparing results from PISA Creative Problem Solving and the WAIS IV matrices subtest

  15. Dec. 25, 2014, A Study of the IQ in Sudan

  16. May 4, 2015, A Standardization of the Standard Progressive Matrices in Egypt

  17. May 26, 2015, Discounting IQ’s Relevance to Organizational Behavior: The “Somebody Else’s Problem” in Management Education

  18. June 4, 2015, Immigrant GPA in Danish primary school is predictable from country-level variables

  19. July 31, 2015, Validating a Danish translation of the International Cognitive Ability Resource sample test and Cognitive Reflection Test in a student sample

  20. Aug. 9, 2014, Sexual selection as a mechanism behind sex and population differences in fluid intelligence: an evolutionary hypothesis

  21. May 12, 2014, Opposite selection pressures on stature and intelligence across human populations

  22. April 12, 2014, The genetic correlation between educational attainment, intracranial volume and IQ is due to recent polygenic selection on general cognitive ability

  23. April 6, 2016, Inequality across prefectures in Japan: An S factor analysis

  24. Jan. 26, 2016, Inequality among 32 London Boroughs: An S factor analysis

  25. Nov. 3, 2016, The OKCupid dataset: A very large public dataset of dating site users

  26. Nov. 7, 2016, Some new methods for exploratory factor analysis of socioeconomic data

  27. Feb. 11, 2017, Immigrant crime in Germany 2012-2015

  28. Feb. 22, 2017, Cognitive ability and political preferences in Denmark

  29. May 21, 2017, Net fiscal contributions of immigrant groups in Denmark and Finland are highly predictable from country of origin IQ and Muslim%

  30. Dec. 14, 2017, A U.S. State-level Analysis of the Presidential Election in 2016: IQ, Race, and Well-being Emerge as Mutually-Suppressed Predictors

  31. Jan. 10, 2018, Self-reported criminal and anti-social behavior on a dating site: the importance of cognitive ability

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