Validating a Danish translation of the International Cognitive Ability Resource sample test and Cognitive Reflection Test in a student sample

Open Differential Psychology, July 31, 2015, ISSN: 2446-3884


We translated the International Cognitive Ability Resource sample test (ICAR16) and the Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT) into Danish. We administered the test online to a student sample (N=72, mean age 17.4). Factor analysis revealed a general factor. The summed score of all test items correlated .42 with GPA. Item difficulties correlated .85 with those reported in the Internet norming sample. Method of correlated vectors analysis showed positive relationships between g-loading of items/subtests and their correlation with GPA (r=.53/.85). Model comparisons revealed that for predicting GPA the CRT did not have incremental validity over the ICAR16, but the evidence was not strong.

Danish, educational achievement, g-factor, general cognitive ability, grade point average, ICAR, Intelligence, method of correlated vectors

Reviewed by
Davide Piffer, Gerhard Meisenberg, Marc Dalliard

Review time 134 days.