What is OpenPsych?

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Do I have to give my real name to participate?

You can participate OpenPsych anonymously or pseudonymously or under your real name. You can give as much or as little information as you are comfortable with. The email you use to sign up with is not publicly visible.

For Authors

Can I submit a paper to the journal?

Yes. See For authors

What is OpenPsych's stance on pre-prints (say ResearchGate, Psyarxiv or personal site)?

We have no issues with preprints. Additionally, the published version is not copyrighted, so one can upload it anywhere one wants (author retains whatever rights they had, obviously, by submitting here they grant OpenPsych a right to publish the work also).


How does the review process work?

review system explained

  • First, authors must all and individually make a user and a profile on the website. The latter is a public set of data related to publications and reviews authored at OpenPsych.
  • Second, the authors submit a new submission for consideration. An editor will then be assigned to the submission. The editor will handle the recruitment of reviewers.
  • Third, reviewers will post their opinions and suggestions in the thread associated with the submission. This entire thread is visible from day one. The identity of the reviewers and others commenting on the paper are hidden during this process. At some point, if enough reviewers (usually 2 or 3 people) agree a paper is ready, the editor will formally accept the paper. At this step, the typesetting will be done, and once approved, the paper will be published on the website as soon as possible. There are no volumes or issues of the journal, every publication is published as soon as it is ready.

I have been asked to review a paper in OpenPsych, what do I do?

There is a dedicated guide for reviewers.

Where can I find the papers that I am a reviewer on?

There is an overview of the papers you are reviewing in your dashboard.


How do I upload a file?

First of all, consider if you really need to upload a file. Not having to download a file to read your comments makes for a much better experience for other users. The editor supports many formats, so it is possible to paste content directly from a Word document. For security reasons, only superusers and reviewers can upload files. If other users try to upload a file they will get an error message.

To upload a file Click the   icon in the editor. Then click the "Upload" tab in the dialog that just popped up. Click "Choose file" and then click "Upload to server". You can edit the text of the file's link under the "Link Info" tab.

If you are not a reviewer but still need to attach a file you can still post a link to an external source hosting the file, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

How do I make the editor full screen?

You can make the editor full screen by clicking the   icon.

How do I insert an image?

Click the   icon. Click the "Upload" tab in the popup dialog. Per default the image is full size, so you should adjust the width and height of the picture in the "Image Info" tab before posting it.


The email field in my profile is empty, but I typed in my email when I signed up?

The email listed in your profile is publicly visible. For privacy reasons, the email you used to register with is not publicly visible.
You can provide the same email as your registration if you no problems with that email being publicly visible. Alternatively, you can input a different email that will be publicly visible, but is not tied to your real identity and/or primary email.
Note that forum notifications are sent to your public profile email, if that email is empty notifications will be sent to your registration email.

I forgot my username

You can use the email you registered with in place of your username.