How to publish a paper in Openpsych

Anyone can submit a paper for publication in OpenPsych, the review process is public and transparent. This page provides instructions on how to submit a paper to OpenPsych.

Step by step instructions

  1. Login with your username and password. If you do not have account register one first.

  2. I have not already done so, Opt in to submitting papers by checking the "I want to be able to submit papers for review" checkbox in your Dashboard under Profile, then click "Save Changes"


  3. In the Submissions forum submit a new paper by clicking "New Submission".


  4. Fill the form with all relevant information about the paper. Add authors by taking part of their name and select them in the dropdown list. Note the author order, the first author added becomes the first/primary author, second added becomes secondary author and so on.


  5. Add an abstract, comma separated keywords and a link to any supplemental materials.


  6. Once the paper has been submitted reviewers will be assigned. Each reviewer votes either "Revise" or "Accept" and always starts out voting "Revise" when assigned. The reviewers will give their comments and feedback in submission thread. All involved persons should get email notifications when there anyone replies. If not check your spamfolder.

  7. If enough reviewers vote for accepting the submission it will be accepted. and moved to the Accepted Submissions forums. Then final edits and typesetting will be made.

  8. During this process you can make final changes to your papers by clicking the "Edit" button.

  9. When final edits and typesetting is completed the paper will be published right away. OpenPsych does not have issues or volumes.