The personal Jensen coefficient does not predict grades beyond its association with g

Open Differential Psychology, Oct. 30, 2014, ISSN: 2446-3884


General intelligence (g) is known to predict grades at all educational levels. A Jensen coefficient is the correlation of subtests' g-loadings with a vector of interest. I hypothesized that the personal Jensen coefficient from the subjects' subtest scores might predict grade point average beyond g. I used an open dataset to test this. The results showed that it does not seem to have predictive power beyond g (partial correlation = -.02). I found the same result when using a similar metric suggested by Davide Piffer.

educational achievement, g-loading, grade point average, Intelligence, Jensen coefficient, Jensen Effect, method of correlated vectors

Reviewed by
Davide Piffer, John Fuerst, Meng Hu, Marc Dalliard

Review time 35 days.