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Journal themes
Our journals use Wordpress. If you have a good suggestion for themes, post them here.

Currently we're using Clean Retina.

But it lacks features a journal needs such as an index of papers published by category, date etc.

It also contains unnecessary information, such as the username of the person who posted (this is never relevant, as it is always handled by the editor, who is not always the author).

One can search for themes here:

Things a good theme needs:
- No "recent comments".
- No display of who posted it.
- Indexing of posts by category, date, keyword?
- Display post type (research article, commentary, ...)
- more?
We are working on a new theme. The test site is here:

Current problems:
Single-posts show both tags and keywords which are the same.
The front page shows only 1 recent publication while it should show, say, 10.
Not bad at all. The only thing that bothers me is that the look reminds me of that of any typical blog.
More concrete suggestions welcome. What is missing? We can perhaps code it.

We fixed the front-page issue.
When I said it has a look of a typical blog, I was thinking about the tags, categories, search function, etc. Perhaps try to present it another way. That said, it's not really what bothers me the most. It's the fact that the subjects in the tags have different sizes, given how many times they have been used as keyword. You should disable the relative size of these words. That does not make things better. In fact, things could be worse. Imagine that the most cited word is "race". That word will become very big. Personally, I don't care, but I know most people prefer to avoid words like that to be very big.
So you're saying that because some people don't like research into X, we should try to hide what most of the journal content concerns? That doesn't sound like good science. I think the tag cloud with relative sizes is a good way of showing the topics in papers. I don't think normal journals use it, which is too bad.