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While I personally do not care much for formatting and think it takes time away from science, getting indexed by Google Scholar is important. For that reason, it seems wise to adhere to their requirements. Since we're not using a fancy system for publishing the papers, we need to refer to their non-HTML requirements.

To summarize, they are:
  1. Font size 24 for title.
  2. Font size 16 for authors.
  3. No author affiliation on the same line.
  4. Include a citation of the paper itself in the header.
  5. Use only the major reference formats. They seem to prefer numbered references as well instead of (name, year).

I'm not sure how strict the bots are with these requirements. We can try letting authors do what they want and monitor what happens. If papers continue not to be findable on Google Scholar, we will have to change the rules to have more strict formatting rules.