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Author roles?
Is there interest in having more strict policies regarding author roles?

I.e. that papers must state which authors took part in which parts of the study: writing, analysis, conceiving the study, etc.
We should make this recommendation, I agree. But, should it be an obligation ? I don't know. If you want this to be an obligation, I won't complain. That's my opinion.

In this article, for example :

You can read :

Author Contributions

K.-J. Kan, J. M. Wicherts, and H. L. J. van der Maas developed the study concept, and all authors contributed to the study design. K.-J. Kan and J. M. Wicherts collected the data. K.-J. Kan analyzed and interpreted the data under the supervision of H. L. J. van der Maas and C. V. Dolan. K.-J. Kan and J. M. Wicherts drafted the manuscript, and C. V. Dolan and H. L. J. van der Maas provided critical revisions. All authors approved the final version of the manuscript for submission.

The description seems fine. I don't think it needs to be more elaborated than this.