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Publication fee...
I found these posts interesting:

Some journals charge lot of fees, others don't charge any. Emil said the first category is predatory, but some scholars disagreed with him, and seem to believe it is normal to pay 1000+ dollars/euros.

In some journals, it is said that fees help to maintain the journal. So how about the others who don't charge fees ? And why are these people saying stuff like "they don't make any profit" ?
I don't know why most of these mainstream OA journals are so expensive. They have a website, and they pay for indexing and DOI's. What other expenses do they have? Some editing? The only expenses I have running this journal are: 1) hosting costs which costs 1.15 EUR per month, 2) domain name maybe 20 EUR/year. We do all the coding ourselves. Reviewers edit the papers as well. Authors typeset them.
I think the only good news here is that you can publish with zero cost if the paper is not open access. But in that case, a lot of people may not be able to read it. Only professionals who have "privileged" access.

By the way, Daniël Lakens says that in your journal, the papers are not indexed. It's funny how it's wrong. He knows nothing I guess. In fact, the only thing I find disturbing with the indexing is that the name of the journal does not always appear when you "cite" it in google scholar.
There is a cite function on the page of every paper now, so you can use that. It will generate bibtex (for latex) and APA styles.

I don't know what's wrong with Lakens. Clearly, many of the papers published in ODP are indexed by Scholar (e.g. see my profile which has 7 papers indexed from OP journals, that's every paper I have published here). He may have meant proprietary indexers like PsycINFO. These services are becoming obsolete, as noted in my blog post. Since they will soon be obsolete, I don't see why we should pay for indexing there.
I would like to know a bit more about this, can you send me the link of your blog post ?