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[ODP] Rule dependence and Flynn effects: some elaboration
I believe that with some modifications (which will actually make it high quality) it can be published, as long as it is SPECIFIED that it is a brief communication, perhaps in the headline..The suggested modifications would be proposing ways of testing hypotheses and maybe providing a concise definition of "rule dependence", as not everybody knows what this means. Once this is done, this paper will be publishable.

I concur.
Here is the third revision.
The article has improved. However I do not agree with some underlying assumptions, not explicit in this article but present in Woodley and Armstrong (2014), which equate g with general intelligence and as a result, all IQ gains that are not g loaded are also not intelligence gains. I believe g to be more similar to general mental ability, as indicated by its being correlated to lower order processes such as mental speed.
Thus, I think that IQ gains are not "apparent" simply because they are "rule dependent", as to me the ability to detect patterns and identify, then apply rules is an ingredient of intelligence. However, these are more "philosophical" implications that go beyond the scope of a brief communication.
As a brief communication, this article should be published.
I agree about publication.
Here is the third revision.

You can publish.
Three reviewers have agreed to publication. Please submit a final version for publication.
Final version attached.
Can you edit it so that "brief communication" is not part of the title?

Compare with how I did it in my just published paper:

If you could make it like that, it would be good. Also please make "Abstract" bold.
Per the author's request, a new version of this paper has been posted. The author had inserted a joke into the original version, which he now regrets having put there.