Instructions for reviewers

Because the journals use an innovative review system based on a forum, some reviewers may not be familiar with how to use a forum. This page provides instructions for how to review papers for OpenPsych.

Step by step instructions

  1. Log into the forums with the provided username + passphrase combination.


  2. Navigate to the Submissions forum.


  3. Navigate to the submission thread for the paper you want to review.


  4. The first post in the thread has the main information about the submission, including links to the study files which includes submission text, data, images and so on. The thread also contains any discussion of the submission by other reviewers and the authors.


  5. Once you have read the submission and the discussion of it (if any), click the New Reply button to make a new post.


  6. Use the provided editor to write your review of the submission. There are many formatting options available as well as the ability to use quotations.