ICAR5: design and validation of a 5-item public domain cognitive ability test

Open Differential Psychology , July 11, 2016, ISSN: 2446-3884


A 5-item abbreviation of the ICAR (International Cognitive Ability Resource) 16-item sample test was created thru exhaustive search. The 5-item version (ICAR5) was optimized for correlation with the 16-item version and for administration time based on estimated item administration times. To validate the test, it was given to students in 6th to 10th grade in two Danish schools (N=236). Age was used as a criterion variable and showed the expected positive relationship (r=.43). Results furthermore showed that the abbreviated test was too difficult for the younger students (6th and 7th grades), but not for the older students. One item was found not to be very discriminative, so it may need to be replaced in an updated version.
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intelligence, IQ, cognitive ability, abbreviation, international cognitive ability resource, ICAR, scale construction, Danish, age