Immigrant GPA in Danish primary school is predictable from country-level variables

Open Differential Psychology , June 4, 2015, ISSN: 2446-3884


Two datasets with grade point average by country of origin or parents' country of origin are presented (N=13 and 19). Correlation analyses show that GPA is highly predictable from country-level variables: National IQ (.40 to .64), age heaping 1900 (.32 to .53), Islam prevalence (-.72 to -.75), average years of schooling (.41 to .74) and general socioeconomic factor (S) in both Denmark (.72 to .87) and internationally (.38 to .68). Examination of the gap sizes in GPA between natives and immigrants shows that these are roughly the size one would expect based on the estimated general cognitive ability differences between the groups.
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intelligence, IQ, group differences, country of origin, Islam, education, spatial transferability hypothesis, educational achievement, grade point average, general cognitive ability

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