Fluid g in Scandinavia and Finland: Comparing results from PISA Creative Problem Solving and the WAIS IV matrices subtest

Open Differential Psychology , Nov. 18, 2014, ISSN: 2446-3884


The Scandinavian (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) standardization of the WAIS IV on the matrices subtest is presented. The score of Scandinavia on the WAIS IV matrices is higher than Finland (weighted means 105.1 and 103.1, relative to a US norm of 100). However, the difference is not statistically significant. Finland scores higher than Scandinavia on PISA Creative Problem Solving 2012. We meta-analyze the data from both studies and estimate the Scandinavian Matrices IQ at 99.1 and the Finnish at 102.3 or 102.4 (based on US norms) depending on which sample sizes are used. Finally, we discuss theories that attempt to explain this difference.
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intelligence, Denmark, WAIS IV, Norway, Finland, Creative Problem Solving, PISA, Scandinavia, matrices, Sweden