The international general socioeconomic factor: Factor analyzing international rankings

Open Differential Psychology , Sept. 8, 2014, ISSN: 2446-3884


Many studies have examined the correlations between national IQs and various country-level indexes of well-being. The analyses have been unsystematic and not gathered in one single analysis or dataset. In this paper I gather a large sample of country-level indexes and show that there is a strong general socioeconomic factor (S factor) which is highly correlated (.86-.87) with national cognitive ability using either Lynn and Vanhanen's dataset or Altinok's. Furthermore, the method of correlated vectors shows that the correlations between variable loadings on the S factor and cognitive measurements are .99 in both datasets using both cognitive measurements, indicating that it is the S factor that drives the relationship with national cognitive measurements, not the remaining variance.
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intelligence, general socioeconomic factor, group differences, method of correlated vectors, national IQ, g-factor, psychoinformatics, democracy ranking, social progress index

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