Country of origin and use of social benefits: A pilot study of stereotype accuracy in Denmark

Open Differential Psychology , April 18, 2016, ISSN: 2446-3884


We asked a small, broad online sample of Danes (N=60; N=48 after quality control) to estimate the use of social benefits for persons grouped by country of origin. The median personal stereotype accuracy correlation was .55 [CI95: .46 to .58]. The aggregate stereotype accuracy was .70 [Ncountries=71, CI95: .56 to .80]. The study was underpowered to detect relationships between the accuracy of beliefs and many predictors, but some plausible predictors were found including being male d = .86 [CI95: .17 to 1.56], being older r=.56 [CI95: .33 to .73], nationalism r=.34 [CI95: .07 to .57], personal liberalism, r=.32 [CI95: .04 to .55] and cognitive ability (r=.23 [CI95: -.06 to .48]). The study was preregistered.
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Denmark, stereotype accuracy, immigrants, social benefits, Muslims, stereotypes, group differences