Genetic and Environmental Determinants of IQ in Black, White and Hispanic Americans: A Meta-analysis and New Analysis

Open Behavioral Genetics , Sept. 15, 2014, ISSN: 2446-3876


The authors conducted a meta-analysis of interactions between behavioral genetic variance components (ACE) and race/ethnicity for cognitive ability. The differences between the variance components for Black and White Americans were small, despite the large average test score differences. More substantial differences were found between Hispanics and non-Hispanic Whites, though results were based on only two studies. A biometric re-analysis of the CNLSY survey was then conducted and new meta-analytic results were provided. Results were discussed in light of the bio-ecological model which proposes that when the scores of subgroups are environmentally depressed, heritabilities will be likewise.
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IQ, race, ACE Model, bioecological model, Hertitability, Ethnicity, Environment