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Journal issues, number, editions etc.
Meng Hu has asked me:

P.S. concerning the journal, in some others, you can have things like this :

Multivariate Behavioral Research, 35 (1), 21-50.

When you try google scholar,

Kirkegaard, E. O., & Fuerst, J. Educational attainment, income, use of social benefits, crime rate and the general socioeconomic factor among 71 immigrant groups in Denmark.

There are no numbers, page numbering, etc. Do you want to add those (e.g., numbers corresponding to months, and the number in parentheses, for the first, second, third paper published in this month - just some ideas), or do you think it's ok ?

When I set up the journal I wanted to make it modern and take advantage of modern technologies, like... discussion forums that have been along for >20 years but still not used by other journals (strange?).

There was also the question of whether to have issues, numbers, editions and what not. It seems not to serve any purpose anymore. Recall that the reason these numbers are there is that they literally printed issues of the journals. For any modern journal, this idea doesn't make sense, so I didn't make any issues or anything. I included the year, just for ease of referencing e.g. Hu, M. (2014). Open Differential Psychology.
Instead, normal publications in Intelligence looks like this:

Jensen, A. R., & Weng, L. J. (1994). What is a good g?. Intelligence, 18(3), 231-258.

They have issue (18), number (3), pages (231-258).

In general, having to add these would increase the work burden for the editors.

I prefer to keep it this way, but perhaps I am in the minority among the review team. Thoughts?
I like the old-fashioned aesthetic. I would suggest making a "volume" equal to 100 pages' worth of material.

What happens if a paper is split over volumes?
A paper should not be split over volumes. If the volume runs over 100 pages because of the last paper (as it probably will), allow that. So volumes might be 106, 102, 100, 101... pages.
We don't have a paper journal so there are no volumes, let alone page number restrictions. It's probably better to have volumes that serve the function of search aid, so that researchers can more quickly locate a paper. Each volume should contain a certain number of articles, let's say 10 or 15.
The trouble with this is that it is extra work for me to post, increases chance of errors. Search functions already make it easy to locate papers. There's also the built-in monthly gropings. Basically, these can be thought of as 12 yearly volumes/issues.
That's fine then. No need for volumes
The reason why I have asked is if you were OK with that, if have ever thought about that before. Personally, I don't necessarily find it important. Simplicity also has some advantages.