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Hidden workthreads?
For someone intending to collaborate on a paper, would it be possible to create a hidden thread on this forum, where the participants could discuss things hidden from google? Perhaps the creator of the thread could decide which users gets to view the thread too?

I was thinking of this since my email inbox is too full of project-related mail, but I'm starting to wonder whether this could be another step forward in openness and honesty too. By making the work-thread available for all to read after the preprint or publication you get to see how the paper was made, which snags the authors had to work around, which analyses did not work out etc.

I'm sure such an idea has downsides too. Let me hear them.
Thread level is not possible, but one can make closed forums that only some groups can access.

I made a test forum. Only staff can see it, and a new user group I created for this purpose, who has only Gilfoyle in it.

Another method is to simply password-protect forums from viewing. One can also make forums where only some groups can post, but everybody can view.

To prevent Google from indexing, one can either edit the robots.txt file, or make the forum unavailable to Guests (people not logged in).
Nice. I can see it.

I still don't know whether it is a good idea, but it seems like an extension of the openness principle. Of course, such threads might contain other, new ideas which the authors would like to keep private, so some editing should be allowed. And I don't think such threads should be obligatory or even encouraged, but I would feel better disclosing the complete process afterwards, not just the polished write-ups of the explorations that did work out. And one simple way of doing that is making the author discussions available after publication.