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Standard Progressive Matrices

Dear all,
I want to conduct experiment and ask my students to take test to measure their cognitive abilities. Can any one share valid Standard Progressive matrices, so I can use it for my research?


The Standard Progressive Matrices is a commercially controlled test. It would be illegal for anyone to post it here. Not that I would mind.

However, you should consider using the ICAR. It is a public domain test, meaning that you are free to use it and build on it (e.g. translate it, change the items, you can do whatever you want). You can read about it here:


We have used the 16-item sample test for two studies using a Danish translation. We have furthermore created a shorter 5-item version (http://openpsych.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=268). If you translate one of these to your own language, I'm sure it will work as well.

Just one question. When you say students, which students do you have in mind? University students? Because the test is too difficult to younger students (at and below approx. 7th grade by Danish standards).

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