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need proof-reading

Dear all, I am asking for a help with proof reading. My paper has recieved revise from a journal. Editor asked to me polish the English language in the manuscript. Can some one correct English language please? It is a short paper/ note.

Perhaps someone would be willing if you posted the text here.
Dear all, please could you proof read the paper attached to this post :) IT is a short paper but the editor requested the English language check. Since it is near christmas I can't get this done at my Uni.

I appreciate the help

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Friends anyone? Any help will be greatly appreciated :)
(2015-Dec-25, 19:14:48)salahodjaev Wrote: Friends anyone? Any help will be greatly appreciated :)

Sorry, been out of town.

Not sure if you still needed help -- so I didn't put a whole lot of time into this. My edits with comments are attached. I was not clear about some points e.g., whether you were discussing arrivals to Ukraine or departures from Ukraine to other countries. If you have not already edited your paper, check over my suggestions, make what changes you see fit and repost -- I will then read it over again.


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Wow thanks a lot :) Feels like New Year present
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