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Nature of Race papers

I have submitted several theoretical papers to OBG concerning the biological race concept; more are on the way; I was hoping that members here could review and comment on them even if they are not "official" OBG reviewers.

The content cuts across philosophy, biology, anthropology, sociology, and other disciplines, such that no one, except perhaps other "race theorists, who, if I am right, are typically wrongheaded, will have an expert opinion on the matter. Thus, while your individual judgements are not as good as others -- individual differences! -- few will have much of a disadvantage or advantage in background knowledge overall.

Comments on language and grammar are very welcome too.

Personally, I'm thinking that if the entire manuscript is too long and may discourage many people, I don't think it will affect me because in situation like this, what I do is to read the article little by little, section1, section2, etc., and comment the article little by little. So, you could have instead a single thread, with separate links toward each of the six portions of the text. At the same time, it's possible that the thread will have many and many pages if you do it like this. And people may not necessarily wish to read all the pages. But with six separate threads, each of them are slighter in content (less number of comments and pages).

By the way, you need to make sure that you didn't forget any references in your list. For instance, i have noticed that the reference (Ridely, 1989) does not appear in the reference list (at least, in the version of the full manuscript I have; the one with annotations made by Philbrick Bastinado).
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