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How many drugs have race-specific instructions?

Well I looked some more and found basically nothing worth mentioning.

Also there are two more over the counter alternatives for Warfarin that do not require race, apaxiban and dabigtran. One thing to particularly note is that they did have an age and gender effects but not race.


All 3 including rivaxaban mentioned previously are FDA approved alternatives that are safer overall from what I see and more convenient as they supposedly do not require constant monitoring like warfarin does.

The thing you should worry about is the fact that they have more than one non individualized over the counter replacements for one of the best drugs with related associations to genes and race, IE warfarin.

Crestor looks like its still safe(didn't look that much) but I doubt for much longer because the differences in dosage/absorption is similar to that of warfarin.
"Race" is not transitive. Warfarin had an efficacy x African Ancestry interaction. As evidence that other comparable drugs do not, you cite:

(1) A study which looked at the effects of apixaban in 18 Chinese individuals (and which made no ethnic comparisons)
(2) As study with a "Black" sample size of 63, which did not look to see if their was an efficacy x African Ancestry interaction

Try again.
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