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General-Factor analyst for continuous disruptive behavior dispute being warned. He was initially warned because he is a known liar. He is the same person who pretended to be a cognitive scientist from Toronto when emailing me.

I note that this is a discussion forum meant for researchers to discuss with each other, especially concerning peer review. Outsiders are welcome to play along, but they must not be disruptive. If one wants to discuss a particular issue, one can create a thread in the Other Discussions section.

Zoidberg is a good example of a well behaved critic. He wants to discuss epigenetics and its relevance to the additive model in genetics. He thinks the findings there undermine the additive model, which is very much a minority position among behavioral geneticists. However, he does not do this by posting about this topic in every thread. He compiles relevant articles to argue his case. See this thread and this thread.

General-Factor-analyst instead goes to topics relatively unrelated to his general point and begins disrupting them from their normal course of action.

He is also mean spirited e.g. here:

Quote:This is exactly why your papers get nowhere. Good luck publishing your low quality garbage on sites like these while getting rejected by peer reviewed journals year after year.
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