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As OP will need to expand its reviewers board and increasingly rely on external reviewers, it is important that criteria for approval of reviewer status be outlined.
Policies adopted by other open review (alas, not many of those) journals could be used as a guideline. For example, f1000 Research adopts this policy:
"When selecting peer reviewers, authors must apply the following criteria:
1)Scientific expertise: Referees must have demonstrated expertise in the key topics of the study presented and/or the methods used. They must have published as lead authors at least 5 articles in international journals.
2)Level of experience: Referees must have a formal appointment at PhD or MD level or higher at a recognised institution or organization.
3)Independence: Referees must not be working at the same institute as the authors, should not be close collaborators of the authors or in other ways personally, financially or professionally associated with them. Referees must declare any conflicts of interest on the published report."
I personally agree with points 1 and 3 but not with point 2, as I do not think that a PhD is a necessary condition to be an expert in a topic. I would add to point 3 that referees cannot have co-authored a paper with the reviewer in the last 2 years, as this is a less generic and more objective criteria than being a "close collaborator".
I would like to hear your opinion on this issue and maybe reach an agreement so that an official policy can be implemented.
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