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Generally, when I publish something here, I always have in mind to invite others who know something about the subject of interest. If they come here, good. If they don't answer, there is nothing I can do. I have contacted several authors, e.g., Rindermann, Thompson, Beaver, Kaplan, etc. for papers not published by me. Only Rindermann and Kaplan replied. The first said he will look at it (but I don't know what he was referring to because in the same mail I sent him my data on racial gaps in NAEP...) and Kaplan, as you know, refused to reply because OP attracts somewhat hereditarians.

In the article I have published on the black-white changes in GSS wordsum over time, I have emailed lot of people. No one has commented on it (although I got some replies, these are not "comments"). I will continue, however. Because there is nothing to lose. And it's better to communicate his ideas this way. When there is an occasion, I always invite people to review.

Perhaps this journal does not have enough "prestige" to persuade scholars to be reviewers. I think it's the most likely reason.


EDIT: October 12, 2014

For those who wants to know what happened to my former pseudonym, I have asked Emil to change it. The email reads :

Quote:Is it possible to change my pseudonym "menghu1001" into "Meng Hu" ?

I have the feeling that most scholars will not appreciate being reviewed by pseudonyms, and menghu1001 sound like a pseudonym. Although people her do what they want, it's clear that fewer pseudonyms would have more credibility. For the journal especially.
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