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(2014-Jul-16, 00:06:32)menghu1001 Wrote: One problem with OP is that most (if not all) reviewers have an "hereditarian side". I would like to see reviewers hostile to the genetic theory. Otherwise, people may think OP looks like a Mankind Quarterly bis. I have nothing against MQ, if there is no conflict of interest or something of this sort, but it's clear most people won't see it like this. What's more, concerning Fuerst, Dalliard or myself, it's worse, see we co-blog on Human Varieties, and either one of us reviewing the other... that looks weird. Obviously, you'll say that because the reviews are open, everyone can see what is happening. If an hereditarian like me does not accept a publication from another hereditarian, no one will accuse me of anything. But each time I accept, they will suspect something from me, no matter how thorough and how deep my argumentations and justifications are.

Going back to this, I did ask Wicherts. He said no, citing a lack of time. I asked Flynn, he said no expertise for that particular paper. I guess we can try Ceci. The problem is mostly that the strict environmentalists are generally not familiar with the data or they have wacko religious-ethical beliefs like Turkheimer.

The more famous strict environmentalists are probably all too busy. So what you want is to find non-famous but competent strict environmentalists? They are very hard to find.

I asked CS Dunkel, who published a paper here if he was interested. He said yes, but doesn't much much time since he's an associate professor. I don't know whether he is a hereditarian tho.

Anyone else we should invite? We could try Cochran but he's also a hereditarian I take it.
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